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Group Classes, One to One Training, Dog Walking and Canine Enrichment

Fun, reward based dog training classes, behaviour consultation, dog walking and canine enrichment so your dog can learn and have fun while you are at work.

Puppy/Beginner Class

£55 / 5 weeks (outdoor class)
-10% if your dog is adopted from a shelter
50 minutes/lesson

A very young puppy in class.

Why wait with your puppy's training?

Suitable for puppies and older dogs with no or little previous training. No age limit. Learn how to communicate with your dog and teach them basic obedience e.g. recall, 'leave it', emergency sit.

The course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to give your puppy the best start.

Puppies can start this class as soon as the vaccinations are complete and your vet said they can meet other dogs.

Puppy/Beginner Class, Course Content

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  • body check To accept your hand on his/her body. It is useful when it comes to vet checks or you need to administer medication such as ear drops.
  • recall To teach your dog to come back to you. This is one of the most important cues you can teach to your dog and it can save his/her life.
  • leave it To leave things like a piece of food you dropped. Useful cue if you think your dog is about to eat something or get into contact with something which could be harmful or dangerous.
  • bonding exercises These exercises will teach your dog to have a better focus on you around distractions.
  • emergency wait Teach your dog to stop in motion from a distance from you and wait until you go up to him/her.

Recall Class

£30 / 2 x 1 hour (outdoor class)
-10% if your dog is adopted from a shelter

A young dog is practicing recall with mum.

This class concentrates on how to teach your dog to come back in a distractive environment.

You will be taught the behaviour from scratch but it is also beneficial if you want to refresh your knowledge and mechanics.

By practicing the exercises you will learn in the class you will see a stronger bond with your dog along with a more reliable recall.

In Your Home

A puppy sitting in a leather armchair.

1-2-1 Training Package

2 sessions (1 x 1.5 hours and 1 x 1 hour) £80
-10% if your dog is adopted from a shelter
Any additional hour is £35

This package is suitable for people whose dog is stressed in a class setting due to nervousness or lack of confidence around other dogs/people or if the time and place of the class is not suitable.

The training takes place in your home and covers the class content or tailored to your needs (we can concentrate on one problem, like recall).

1-2-1 Behaviour Package

-10% if your dog is adopted from a shelter

This package consists of two sessions.

The first session lasts 2-2.5 hours when I get a detailed history of the problem. You will get a foundation of training to practice before the second session.

The second session is aimed at ensuring that you are implementing the foundation of training effectively and that your mechanics and timing are correct. All of these will help your dog to improve their behaviour. You will receive a detailed behaviour modification plan. This session lasts 1.5 hours.

Behaviour issues I can help you with include separation anxiety, behaviours based on fear and anxiety, dog to dog aggression, destructive behaviours.

Clever Puppy Consultation

£50 (1 x 1.5 hours)
-10% if your dog is adopted from a shelter
Any additional hour is £30

Are you planning to buy a puppy or you already got your puppy but they cannot go out yet? Are you unsure whether you are teaching the right behaviour to your puppy?

Prevention is better than cure. If you get teaching your dog a new behaviour right for the first time they will remember it for the rest of their life. If you get it wrong they will do the same and you will need to spend time correcting that mistake.

I am offering a 1-2-1 Clever Puppy consultation in your home to start you off the right foot with the new addition to your family.

It is a 1,5-hour consultation which is tailored to your and your puppy's need and we can cover housetraining, chewing, loose lead walking, recall, jumping up or anything else you wand to address. You will get a write up about what we covered.

Areas I cover

Areas I cover Adlington, Alderley Edge, Altrincham, Bollington, Bramhall, Chelford, Handforth, Holmes Chapel, Macclesfield, Prestbury, Stockport, and Wilmslow.

Please get in touch if you require a visit further away.

Dog Walking

Dogs who were taken for walks by dog trainer and dog walker Zsuzsa.

2-hour Stamina Solo Walk

2 hours / £20
Maximum one additional dog from the same household: £7.

This option is for dogs that need a bit more exercise.

Solo training walk

45 minutes / £14
1 hour / £17

Maximum one additional dog from the same household: £7.

I take your dog for a walk while offering basic training at the same time such as loose lead walking or recall training. In these sessions I do NOT cover serious behaviour issues e.g. dog reactivity.

Solo walk

45 minutes / £12
1 hour / £14

Maximum one additional dog from the same household: £7.

Would you like someone who understands your dog's needs to take them for a walk to break up their day?

It can be on lead or off lead exercise while you are at work.

Canine Enrichment / Dog Walking

Enrichment session: 45 minutes £15

Enrichment session and walk: 60 minutes £20

Enrichment session and training walk: 60 minutes £25.
Training walk can include recall or loose lead walking as well.

Daisy working for her dinner.

Are you looking for something different from the usual dog walk or puppy visit while you are at work?

Do you want your dog to have physical as well as mental stimulation?

Did you know that mental exercise physically more tiring than physical exercise?

Canine enrichment provides your dog mental stimulation through training and games in your home while you are at work.

It is a great alternative or additon to dog walking since it can be done as part of the walk too. It is suitable for any breed and age of dog from puppies to oldies.

After our initial consultation, the sessions are personalised to suit your and your dog's needs.

Puppy visit

30 minutes £8

A puppy at home.

Your puppy will have a chance to go to the toilet, be fed and have some playtime.

I can also offer this service for a dog recovering from an operation.